The December Geranium

The December Geranium

I’m writing from a new computer and while I just went from Old Mac (formerly Big Mac) to Big Mac (otherwise known as Bigger Mac), there are new things to learn. So if something here looks weird, just go with it.

I took this picture of one of my poor geraniums trying to bloom. I’ve never had one do this so late in the year, so it’s kind of special. The rest of the geraniums and alyssum are still green, which is a step up from the black I usually have.

December Geranium

We had a couple of really lovely, sunny days, then back to the usual cloudy and damp for Christmas, and today and tomorrow will be sunny. I’m just grateful we don’t have blizzards. We might have a little snow at some point, which is cute for about half a day and then it’s kind of a pain. Snow, like bears, should stay in the mountains where we can ski on it. If I just implied that I ski on bears, I don’t. They really hate that.

I have decided that not every quilt I make needs to be larger than life. So naturally I came across this one from the early 80’s. It was in a “Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine,” and I loved it the moment I saw it. I made the top, which is appliquéd with close zig-zag. The reindeer have some backing to make them stay flat, which I learned after I did the center trees. Live and learn. The batting was polyester and kind of fat and the back was muslin. I started to quilt it by hand and then Christmas was over, I had two small children and we were getting ready to move, so it got put away. Thirty five years later I decided to finish it, but there was no way I was going to quilt it by hand. So I took out the quilting, removed the poly batting and muslin back and here I am, back in the 80’s. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

This guy is an original and I found most of it as I was organizing after the studio was painted. I thought there were more finished or even started trees and finally decided to go with what I had. I made one more tree to get this long, skinny top. It’s finished so that it can either hang or be a runner.

Every Christmas Day and Easter I make Golden Ginger Scones. It’s a recipe from a magazine from the 1980’s. They’re always a hit. They were just a bit overbaked this year as my ovens are getting a bit old and less reliable than they once were. (Also, I watch The Great British Baking Show too often. They were still yummy.)

I’m finding out just how much learning I have to do on this new MAC. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Happy New Year to all!

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