November Rose

November Rose

In addition to the craziness of 2020 in general, we’ve had a more warm and sunny fall than usual. This last rose of summer bloomed at the beginning of November. I touched it when I was getting close to take a picture and it fell off, so here it is just off the bush.

November Rose

I also love how strawberry plants look when fall sets in.

This might be a good color combo for a quilt.

The other thing I just noticed is that while the geraniums and alyssum aren’t blooming anymore, the plants themselves look great. All my summer pots are a lovely shade of green. By now they’re usually looking pretty sad. But this year we have this:

I’ll take this over frostbitten and dead anytime!

I’m still working on finishing some older projects. Some of them make me wonder if I got stuck, bored or I just have the attention span of a gnat. The leaf below was started in a class a few years ago and the original plan was to make four and put them together. I wound up not being crazy about the fabrics I brought to the class which wasn’t held in a quilt shop so I was sort of stuck with what I brought. Near to the end of finishing this one, Ella chewed up the pattern and I put the project aside. This fall I decided to just bind the one leaf and call it finished.

Maybe someday I’ll redraw the leaf and do four. Or maybe not.

About three years ago I took a class on making a series of quilts from Katie Pasquini Masopust. It was four days long and each student brought a quilt as the beginning. I brought the quilt in the upper left. The other three in the first photo were made on successive days and the last day I made “The Last Leaf on the Tree.”

The Last Leaf

And then there’s this:

This one’s been around for a while, but I didn’t like the paper pieced snowman. I finally decided to just cover it with three circles of white batting and I like it much better. It’s great for January when we really need some bright colors.

My next finishing project will be a quilt I started in the early 80’s. It was from “The Quilter’s Newsletter,” and I just loved it the moment I saw it. I finished the top and started to hand quilt it. It seemed pretty overwhelming and was never finished. This year I took out the quilting and got rid of the fat polyester batting. Now it will get new batting and I’ll quilt it on the machine so it will be finished sometime before it turns 40. I still love the fabrics and would do some things differently today, but it’s a sweet memory and I want to finish it.

Here’s hoping you are all well and have a wonderful holiday season.


If the Broom Fits . . .

If the Broom Fits . . .

I love October because even if it’s cooler than I like, there’s still plenty of sun and the colors are lovely. Halloween decorations are up, Mona and Maynard are in their assigned places in the dining room and I still have to ask a neighbor with kids what the drill will be for Trick or Treating.



Years ago, probably more than twenty, I took a class to learn to paint this.

If you like old style Halloween images, you probably recognize her. The hand and pumpkin move to hide her face. After all this time, she’s still a favorite of mine.

This year I finished the wool project below.

It’s another project that was started a few years ago and I was so close to finishing, I can’t believe it was still hanging around in the UFO pile.

Outside, the “farm” is decommissioned and we ate the last of the tomatoes in BLT’s for dinner the other night. It wasn’t our most prolific year (except for cucumbers which are always insane) and I suspect our cooler summer is somewhat to blame. However, the dahlias are still blooming!

They’re pretty tough and I love the bright color.

In the back, this little rose continues to bloom. I thought I’d killed it a couple of years ago, but it came back like a champ!

Even the geraniums are hanging in.

If, like me, you’ve found this year to be a complete goat rodeo, I hope you’re finding some peace in your quilting space. Mine is actually still pretty tidy as I find it comforting to find what I’m looking for before I lose interest. I’ve even begun decluttering my office/painting space. I now have a tidy desk and bed and will be moving on to the floor tomorrow.

I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything here. While life is back to normalish here, there are lots of places in Oregon and surrounding states where fire damage has made normal a distant memory. Two small towns just south of where I grew up really got hammered and it just breaks my heart. I can only imagine what it must be like to lose everything. Now that these fires have fallen off of the front pages please keep the victims in your prayers as it will be a long haul back.

I finally finished the top of my block of the month quilt.

Actually it was two or three blocks every month. I like the black sashing and now that I have the backing I have no excuse not to get busy quilting it. The quilting will be pretty simple as there’s quite a lot going on here. Also, it’s quite big. It was good practice for my (iffy) embroidery skills and I can now blanket stitch really quickly.

I was in Central Oregon about a month ago visiting friends and stopped at The Stitchin’ Post in Sisters. I really missed the outdoor quilt show and the week of classes leading up to it. While I was there, I bought a kit with a pattern by June Jaeger. It’s an all-fused picture of Smith’s Rock and was a bit more of a challenge than I anticipated. I’m now quilting it and will show a picture of it here next time.

It’s been a pretty, mostly sunny day here and I just got a frost advisory for tonight on my phone. I guess it really is fall. Summer just kind of got away from me and I’m not ready for holidays. Okay, I don’t actually remember a time when I was ready for the holidays. Time to buck up and get with it.

Happy Halloween to all!


A New Day

A New Day

31 December 2019:

The year is almost over. The trees are bare; it’s cloudy and chilly. It’s the sleep before the morning that is early spring. This is not looking terribly exciting, but then neither are we when we’re sleeping. I seem to get more done during long spring and summer days. Dark winter days make me want to take a nap. Maybe I should just take one. We all need the down time that nature brings to her plants and animals.

1 January 2020:

My new year begins with a surprise of sunshine. I’m not much into omens and signs, but I’ll take this as the beginning of good things to come. It’s also showing me how much I need to wash windows. Not doing it today.

These little beauties are enjoying the sunshine in my front gardens. Apparently it hasn’t been cold enough to put them to sleep for the winter.

The “Wild Animals” quilt was safely delivered just before Christmas.

It will be a while before I sew black fabric with black thread. I love how it turned out and I hope our baby girl will love it, too.

I’m nearly finished quilting a top that I started a couple of years ago. I had some Laurel Burch Christmas fabric that made a really fun top. I abandoned it after the holidays last year as I was ready to move on from Christmas and now I want to just finish it. There are plenty of UFOs waiting. And they’ll wait a bit longer for the joy of a finished project.

I’m catching up on my Block of the Month project. In this project there are actually two blocks every month. I caught up with October (the purple flower), November (the green one) and the first December one. For the second December one I chose to appliqué with an Italian Knotted Edge Stitch. It’s not hard, but it is slow going. (Check the close-up.) The January stuff will be here soon so I want to get with the program.

We celebrated Billy’s first year with us on Sunday. He turned two the week before and while he’s officially an adult, there’s a lot of puppy in there. He made really good progress this year as he was pretty wild when we got him. There are still some challenges. We’ll be working through them as he continues to settle down. The good news is that he’s really sweet and a cuddler. Self control is our ongoing issue. He’s also kind of a goof.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


Quilting Forward

Quilting Forward

There was going to be some whining about rain and fog here. Then I turned to the Weather Channel. For anyone in Harper’s way, stay warm!

Since the weather is keeping most of us inside, this seems like a good time to quilt something springy. Something with bright colors, flowers or anything that reminds us winter eventually melts into spring. With this in mind, how about a project a little bit like this?


Or maybe you like your tulips in a vase.


How about it they’re just tucked into this springy quilt?


All three of these patterns are on sale for 25% off through February. Go to our Shopping page to order. We have newly upgraded security that Sweet Husband helped me install.

I finally got around to finishing the binding on Summer Sunrise. It’s in the Autumn Sunset pattern since the changes are actually pretty minor. I have a similar quilt in the works – the fabric is stacked up and it’s next on the list.


Got UFO’s? I’m trying out a new plan to deal with them. What if I put a couple of hours a week on the calendar just to work on unfinished masterpieces? And by that I mean, write the exact hour and day in ink. Then actually do it. There will always be other projects in line, dust someplace or a dish in the kitchen sink. Think of how great you’ll feel when you finish just one project that’s been taunting you from the closet. This top has been around for a while. It’s time to get it quilted.

Wednesday we shall meet in the studio to start quilting.

I just found a little reminder that spring isn’t so far away.

Pretty cool for January!

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Quilt for fun!


Quilt for Fun – Late Summer

Quilt for Fun – Late Summer

Every year at about this time, I say the same thing:  Why does summer go by so fast?  One minute it’s fireworks and parades and the next it’s back to school.  The list of what I wanted to get done “this summer” is still, largely, just a list with but few check marks.  I did finish a couple of UFOs and “Halloween Housing” needs only to be bound.


I took a class from Karla Alexander at the end of July and just couldn’t rest until the top was finished.  The pattern is called “Red Onion” from Karla’s book, “Stack a New Deck.”  My version is  “Onion of a Different Color.”  Karla is a great teacher and the class was a lot of fun.



This summer I’ve seen so many new fabrics and techniques that I love, it’s hard to choose what to do next.  I have lots of ideas for new projects and find myself annoyed when I have to go shopping, plan dinner or throw a load in the washing machine.  We went to see the Minion movie a few weeks ago and I think I need some Minions to do housework and weeding and laundry.  Also, errands, grocery shopping and cooking the boring stuff.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  I even saw some Minion fabric.  “Bello!”  I would even make them their own quilt.

The whole Northwest has had a hot, dry summer.  Please remember our firefighters in your thoughts and prayers.  Portland has had a record number of days over 90 degrees.  The good news is that the veggie gardens are having a banner year and the fruit has been terrific.  The bad news is that the glorious sunsets are partially due to smoke in the air and fire season is far from over.

No matter what I’m working on, Ella is always good for some commentary or reminding me when it’s time for a treat.


She never, EVER forgets treat time.

“Halloween Housing” will only be on sale until the end of August.  When you next see it, it will be part of a double pattern.  Turn to our shopping page for more details.

Quilt for Fun



Quilt For Fun Blog

Quilt For Fun Blog




DSC_0301American Flag


Greetings from the lovely Pacific Northwest.   We hope you had a wonderful Independence Day Weekend.  Around here, we generally view July 4th as the beginning of summer.  This year, summer started early.  My veggie garden, which was just baby plants a couple of weeks ago has gone crazy.  I’m pretty sure that if I just sat out there and watched, I could see the squash plants grow.  They’re all flowering and most have little squashes started.


DSC_0298 DSC_0297

This week is all about quilting for me.  I’m spending the week in Sisters, Oregon, taking a four-day class and enjoying the company of other quilters.  I’m especially excited this year as the last time I went was three years ago! Other fun life events have gotten in the way the last couple of years and I’m glad to return to quilt week.  I’ll be posting some pictures throughout the week of quilts and the town of Sisters.  The whole town becomes about the quilting for the week and it’s just fun.

I’m packing up the usual ton of stuff, knowing full well that whatever fabrics I take, I will need to buy some when I start class.  Apparently, that’s just a law of nature, or law of quilting.  And there will be some new thing or book I just can’t live without. I’m taking the camera, opening my mind and just letting the beauty and ideas flow in.


This doesn’t seem like enough stuff.  What could I have forgotten?


Just in case you’re wondering.  I shall be home, in the air conditioning, thinking up a cunning new plan.



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Off to Houston

Off to Houston

I’m home for a day between a short trip to San Francisco (and the Oregon State football game that didn’t end well) and a longer trip to Houston for the International Quilt Show.  Here’s what San Francisco looked like yesterday:

DSCN1129 3


I’m all packed and charging up the battery for my camera to take off for Houston tomorrow morning.  Sadly, Barb will be working in Dallas this week. So close, and yet so far away.  The last time I went to this show was 13 years ago so I’m ready to see a truly giant show again.  The one little downside is that I’ll miss Halloween here at home.  The decorations will be somewhat less gruesome this year, but Sweet Husband will be on hand to dish out candy.  I’ll take lots of pictures in Houston and post some next week.  I’m sure I’ll be more than ready to sit down in front of my computer or sewing machine or perhaps just sit and daydream about all the cool things I just saw.  I’m quite sure that sitting will figure prominently in any activity I pursue next Monday!


Harry’s Halloween

I have a pattern for a table runner that will be fun for the upcoming holidays.  It’ll be on the site next week.  It will be available for mail order or as a PDF.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Quilt for the Fun of It.


It’s a Website!

It’s a Website!

Our website, mob, is now up and running.  Thank you to Laura at for all her work designing and setting up the site.  We love the new look.

Some of us are into instant gratification.  As in, “That looks cool; I want to have it now.”  There’s also the idea of trying to be kinder to our little blue planet.  As in, “Do I really want more paper to store or file or recycle?”   With this in mind each of our patterns is (or soon will be) available as a PDF.  Many are already good to go.  A few of the older ones are fighting back, but I’ll get them done as soon as I can.



For some reason, Citrus Salad is being particularly feisty.  I dream of a day when all my electronic minions learn to work together.

Barb and I also want this site to be responsive to what you, as quilters, are looking for.  All your input is welcome.  Even though there are lots of guilds and quilt groups and friendly quilt shops, quilting can still be a solitary undertaking.  We’d like to offer friendship and support to all quilters who come to our site both because it sounds fun and because the quilting community has been good to us.

I love that we’re launching in October.  It’s pretty much my favorite month.  Tomorrow is the day I’ve appointed to put out my Halloween decorations.  It’s a time when it’s socially acceptable to be a little “out there” and I really love that.  In honor of that, our first pattern, Colors of Fall, is on special this month.  It’s pretty quick and easy to make and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


One of the things I like about this one is that it’s appropriate from September through November.  As much as I love my Halloween quilts, hanging them up in the house before or after October kind of creeps people out.

Now that the days and nights are cooler and the garden is mostly finished until next spring, I’m loving the idea of doing more quilting.  If only I didn’t have to cook and shop and pick up the house and  . . .  well, I’m guessing you get it.  Sometimes life gets in the way of my fun.  Still, I don’t think I’d want to have it any other way.

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Keep having fun,