November Rose

November Rose

In addition to the craziness of 2020 in general, we’ve had a more warm and sunny fall than usual. This last rose of summer bloomed at the beginning of November. I touched it when I was getting close to take a picture and it fell off, so here it is just off the bush.

November Rose

I also love how strawberry plants look when fall sets in.

This might be a good color combo for a quilt.

The other thing I just noticed is that while the geraniums and alyssum aren’t blooming anymore, the plants themselves look great. All my summer pots are a lovely shade of green. By now they’re usually looking pretty sad. But this year we have this:

I’ll take this over frostbitten and dead anytime!

I’m still working on finishing some older projects. Some of them make me wonder if I got stuck, bored or I just have the attention span of a gnat. The leaf below was started in a class a few years ago and the original plan was to make four and put them together. I wound up not being crazy about the fabrics I brought to the class which wasn’t held in a quilt shop so I was sort of stuck with what I brought. Near to the end of finishing this one, Ella chewed up the pattern and I put the project aside. This fall I decided to just bind the one leaf and call it finished.

Maybe someday I’ll redraw the leaf and do four. Or maybe not.

About three years ago I took a class on making a series of quilts from Katie Pasquini Masopust. It was four days long and each student brought a quilt as the beginning. I brought the quilt in the upper left. The other three in the first photo were made on successive days and the last day I made “The Last Leaf on the Tree.”

The Last Leaf

And then there’s this:

This one’s been around for a while, but I didn’t like the paper pieced snowman. I finally decided to just cover it with three circles of white batting and I like it much better. It’s great for January when we really need some bright colors.

My next finishing project will be a quilt I started in the early 80’s. It was from “The Quilter’s Newsletter,” and I just loved it the moment I saw it. I finished the top and started to hand quilt it. It seemed pretty overwhelming and was never finished. This year I took out the quilting and got rid of the fat polyester batting. Now it will get new batting and I’ll quilt it on the machine so it will be finished sometime before it turns 40. I still love the fabrics and would do some things differently today, but it’s a sweet memory and I want to finish it.

Here’s hoping you are all well and have a wonderful holiday season.