If the Broom Fits . . .

If the Broom Fits . . .

I love October because even if it’s cooler than I like, there’s still plenty of sun and the colors are lovely. Halloween decorations are up, Mona and Maynard are in their assigned places in the dining room and I still have to ask a neighbor with kids what the drill will be for Trick or Treating.



Years ago, probably more than twenty, I took a class to learn to paint this.

If you like old style Halloween images, you probably recognize her. The hand and pumpkin move to hide her face. After all this time, she’s still a favorite of mine.

This year I finished the wool project below.

It’s another project that was started a few years ago and I was so close to finishing, I can’t believe it was still hanging around in the UFO pile.

Outside, the “farm” is decommissioned and we ate the last of the tomatoes in BLT’s for dinner the other night. It wasn’t our most prolific year (except for cucumbers which are always insane) and I suspect our cooler summer is somewhat to blame. However, the dahlias are still blooming!

They’re pretty tough and I love the bright color.

In the back, this little rose continues to bloom. I thought I’d killed it a couple of years ago, but it came back like a champ!

Even the geraniums are hanging in.

If, like me, you’ve found this year to be a complete goat rodeo, I hope you’re finding some peace in your quilting space. Mine is actually still pretty tidy as I find it comforting to find what I’m looking for before I lose interest. I’ve even begun decluttering my office/painting space. I now have a tidy desk and bed and will be moving on to the floor tomorrow.

I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything here. While life is back to normalish here, there are lots of places in Oregon and surrounding states where fire damage has made normal a distant memory. Two small towns just south of where I grew up really got hammered and it just breaks my heart. I can only imagine what it must be like to lose everything. Now that these fires have fallen off of the front pages please keep the victims in your prayers as it will be a long haul back.

I finally finished the top of my block of the month quilt.

Actually it was two or three blocks every month. I like the black sashing and now that I have the backing I have no excuse not to get busy quilting it. The quilting will be pretty simple as there’s quite a lot going on here. Also, it’s quite big. It was good practice for my (iffy) embroidery skills and I can now blanket stitch really quickly.

I was in Central Oregon about a month ago visiting friends and stopped at The Stitchin’ Post in Sisters. I really missed the outdoor quilt show and the week of classes leading up to it. While I was there, I bought a kit with a pattern by June Jaeger. It’s an all-fused picture of Smith’s Rock and was a bit more of a challenge than I anticipated. I’m now quilting it and will show a picture of it here next time.

It’s been a pretty, mostly sunny day here and I just got a frost advisory for tonight on my phone. I guess it really is fall. Summer just kind of got away from me and I’m not ready for holidays. Okay, I don’t actually remember a time when I was ready for the holidays. Time to buck up and get with it.

Happy Halloween to all!