Sun, Rain, Repeat

Sun, Rain, Repeat

That’s the story here, with the occasional addition of hail. I weeded the front garden 10 days ago and the little beasts are back. On the happy side, the yellow tulips with the pink edges are blooming. I wish I could tell you that I picked these on purpose, but I suspect I just grabbed a couple of bags of yellow bulbs in Costco on my way back to the meat counter.

Got lucky that time!

I finally, (FINALLY) finished a Quilt of Valor top I’ve been working on since the beginning of February. The final border about gave me fits. Had I actually read all the directions I probably wouldn’t have had to unsew so much. It will be quilted on a long arm (by someone else) and given away appropriately.

And last week I finished this. Perfect for spring.

Billy had his first obedience class last night. I’m proud to say that he was the only pup who didn’t bark. He did look at the chihuahua, who came up to sniff him, like he might look at an alien. Now that I think of it, Billy has only known poodles so . . . We learned a few basics and are now practicing.

The other dogs were all “teenagers” also and were actually pretty well behaved.

Next week we’re moving my mom to an assisted living apartment. It’s close to her house and way smaller so it’ll be interesting. Mother’s being a really good sport about it even though she’s not thrilled. Daughter Barb will remind me about this when my turn comes.

You can comment back on this page and I’d love to hear from anyone out there.

Have a good week.


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