Quilting in the Heart of Summer

Quilting in the Heart of Summer

Here we are in the heart of summer.  I think it’s my favorite part of the year.  The veggies and flowers are at their most beautiful and I even have a tomato ripening up.  I think this is the earliest one I’ve ever had.

DSCN1492 DSCN1493

I posted this picture last week of a pile of fabric that I found inspiring.


So here’s what I have so far.  Not all of it is sewn together, but I’m liking how it’s turning out.


I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed that it all came out of my stash.  I wouldn’t have believed it ten years ago, but my stash contains plenty of purple.  I’d like to think I’ve just learned the value of purple as opposed to being an older woman.  I was warned and should have seen it coming.

The Lemonade Stand quilt is going on sale for the month.  I like it because it’s easy, summery (I hope that’s an actual word) and it’s easy to alter the size without changing the look of the quilt.  I’m thinking I might try it again in a different color way and put in a layer of flannel instead of batting.  It should be just enough to ward off the chill of air-conditioning without roasting you out.

Lemonade Stand

Stay cool and quilt for fun.


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