Notes From Home, Part 3

Notes From Home, Part 3

I’m finally back, as if I’ve actually been somewhere else. I don’t know what to say about the past few weeks except that I hope and pray that everyone will get the justice they deserve without any further wreckage of lives or livelihoods.

These last weeks have seemed, in many ways, to go quickly, and yet April seems miles away into the past. I can’t quite get my head around it. The last couple of weeks have been rainy and today has been like forty days and forty nights. June is always a bit iffy here. Some years it’s really hot and most years, it’s cloudy and chilly. You can’t really count on summer weather until July. The back yard is a practically a swamp and muddy dog feet are the newest look on our carpets. On the bright side, the lettuce I planted a few weeks ago loves it. Lettuce fresh out of the garden has its own sweet taste.

I’m sticking to my promise to myself to finish two UFO’s before starting anything new. This one is called “Chicken Joke” and was a round robin in my small, small quilt group. There were seven blocks including my original one (in the center) and then I made two more as seven blocks just didn’t work out. Finally got it quilted and bound.

The fabric for the back was given to me by one of our members who was cleaning out her stash and thought this would be a good backing. She was right!

“The Sewists” was pieced last year from fabric I bought in California in 1014. Given that quilters and sewists made about a bazillion masks in the last few months, it seemed appropriate to remind my future self of all they did in 2020 and finish this one.

The theme fabric is a little funky and I just love it. I bought more than I needed since I had no idea what I would eventually use it for and used some for the back. I must also confess, it’s not all gone.

Once these were finished, I allowed myself to start (and FINISH) a table runner that used a techniques I’d never seen. It’s called “Olive Tree” and is featured in the book “Table-Runner Roundup” compiled by Amelia Johanson. The pattern is from Annette Ornelas. It’s kind of a cool technique where inserts are sewn into straight line piecing and folded back to create curves.

For some reason the photographs made the quilting look raised. I’ve never had that happen before. In real life it just looks like regular quilting. It went really fast as I can quilt leaves night and day and afternoon. Leaves are my favorite as you really can’t screw them up. Leaves in nature aren’t all “perfect.” Some of them are wonky, just like some of mine.

It’s strawberry season here and they’re so yummy.

In the olden days, the kids and I picked locally grown strawberries. These days, Barbara doesn’t have time and my back says, “No way.” So we buy from local growers and make jam and pie.

We are all fine. The deck flower pots are all planted and the veggies are (I hope) going in next week. It’s a bit late, but even if I’d planted earlier, they’d just be sitting there shivering their leaves off. There will always be work to do in the garden. Right now the weeds are growing, oddly enough, like, well, weeds.

Ella Bella Poodlehound turned 13 a couple of weeks ago. She had a bit of non-serious surgery last week and is healing well. I found a new “cone of shame” that’s soft so it’s more comfortable for her and the plaster can stay on the walls. Wild Bill’s been pretty good about giving her some time off, thank heaven. Ella will be bossing him around again in no time.

The project from my big, small quilt group (as opposed to my small, small quilt group) will be ready to show you next week. Since there are ten of us who met every two months, this one’s been in progress for two years. I’m ready to be finished.

I hope this post finds all healthy and ready to enjoy summer. Just to sit in the sun and smell the sweet peas will be wonderful.

Until next time,


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