Just a Note

Just a Note

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Is it snow?  Is it hail? No, it’s COTTONWOOD!  The good news is that fluffs of cottonwood mean summer is almost here.  The bad news is that the kitchen and family room must be vacuumed daily.  (If you vacuum daily no matter what, you work harder than I do.)  Every time I open the door to let the dogs in or out, which is about every five minutes, little balls of fluff roll into the house.  The sun is currently shining brightly and it also looks like it’s snowing outside.  That’s the wondrous mystery of cottonwood  (insert big sneeze).  All in all, I can’t complain and am sending good thoughts to Texas and Oklahoma where the weather has been pretty brutal the last few days.

The veggie garden is going in over the next few days.  Since I still have frozen tomatoes from last year, I’ll be cutting back a bit on tomatoes this year and trying a few new things including a trombone zucchini.  These sweet peas are all volunteers and are already flowering and smell like heaven.  When I finish getting the garden in, I’ll have more time to quilt while I’m waiting for my home-grown veggies.


I’m looking forward to spending a week in Sisters, OR early in July to take a class and see the Outdoor Quilt Show.  I went for 20 years in a row and then missed two years ago as Sweet Husband and I were on vacation and last year as my son got married that week.  Now I’m excited to get back there and spend time immersed in quilting.  The kinds of classes I like to take have changed substantially over the years from one-day classes where we learn to make a specific quilt to new technique classes to 3- or 4-day classes that include designing. This year I need to bring a small finished quilt to use as a jumping off point for a series of quilts.  I must admit that a week dedicated to quilting and messing around with my friends sounds fabulous.





I’m starting to work on the pattern for this quilt that I made some years ago for my father-in-law.  It takes advantage of conversation fabric that’s available for all kinds of sports and hobbies.  I found some fun golf fabric in a couple of sizes which were perfect for this.  Pick your sport and add some small prints in coordinating colors and you’re off.  Since this is a 3,6,9 quilt, it’s easy to move blocks around until they please you.


Quilt for fun,




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