And We’re Back!

And We’re Back!

Happy New Year to All!

After a busy holiday season, we’re ready to start the year.  It’s nice to get back to the sewing machine even if it’s just to finish up leftovers from last year.  There are so many possibilities for the coming months that I hardly know where to start.  One challenge for the year is to work from my stash as much as possible.  I have given in to the siren’s song of new fabric quite a lot lately and I think I have enough to keep me occupied for a while.  I have lots of fat quarters and other smallish pieces as opposed to big hunks and I cannot promise to deny myself all the time.  Still, there should be plenty of inspiration already in the studio.

Speaking of inspiration, I took a class from Coleen Barnhardt last weekend.  Coleen does longarm quilting and painting on fabric.  She’s combined these to produce some really beautiful designs.  I’m just beginning to see the many ways this could be fun.  Coleen is teaching a class in the Portland area so if you’re interested in having more information, let me know.


As you can see, I’m just getting started, but it’s not hard to imagine how this technique could be very fun.  I’m looking forward to painting on unquilted fabric to create some one-of-a-kind pieces.  Look her up online at The Quilted Thistle.

Because the weather here (okay, everywhere) has been unusual this year, I have some confused tulips.


 I’ve never had them start to come up so early.  Sadly, so have the weeds so there’s a bit of work out there waiting for me.  Even the pansies are anxious for spring to be here.  They look a bit weatherbeaten and continue to bloom anyway.


My small quilt group took December off and I’m really looking forward to our meeting tonight.  It’s always fun to see what the girls have created and get some inspiration, but I have to admit that I love just coming together for a couple of hours to talk and laugh.  Having special friends who share you passion is just the best.

Finally, The Tea Party Runner (aka Santa Says Hi) is finished and on the kitchen table.  It’s great to have a pop of color in the newly de-Christmased house.  The pattern is available on our shopping page.


Stay warm,




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