And the Months Flew By

And the Months Flew By

I’ve started a new post about three times since the last one. Then I get interrupted and don’t go back. Here’s a quick update.

So here’s the thing: the pictures are still screwy. I’m getting help with them this week (I hope). The weekend got messed up as we had to put Ella down on Saturday. She would’ve been 14 next week so she had a good long life. We loved her so much and didn’t want her to suffer.

February: Ice storm, no power for five days. I think the sixth day would’ve broken me. I’d have made a lousy pioneer. I don’t think I ever want to whine about being too hot again.

This was a gigantic mess and three months later we still hear chain saws and wood chippers almost every day. Sweet husband spent many hours with his new chainsaw. The back yard will never be the same.

March: The crocus, hyacinths and tulips, which were already coming up, were tougher than I thought.

I love the smell of hyacinths. It just says spring to me, as does daphne. I don’t have any daphne, but my neighbor lets me smell hers.

April: We spent Easter weekend with family and Sweet Husband and Barb got to meet the grand baby. We dyed eggs with Cool Whip and food coloring. Both baby and dog enjoyed it. This project is best enjoyed outdoors as it’s kind of messy

Then we made deviled eggs.

Later in the month, Barb and I went to the Tulip Festival at the Wooden Shoe in Woodburn.

It’s incredibly beautiful and we went on the perfect day.

May: The tulips are finished for the year and the California poppies are filling in until I plant vegetables later this month.

I love these poppies as they’re so cheerful and always there when I need them. Even if you cut them back or yank them out, they’re soon back. My dad used to say they were just weeds and was pretty shocked when I said I didn’t care as they took care of themselves. As the tulip leaves dry up, veggies will go in.

Actual quilting also happened since February. This one is called Spinning Lonestar. The top got put aside for some reason many years ago. It only took about 20 minutes to finish the top and I finally quilted it. Because there’s so much going on, I decided to quilt it with invisible thread. I had to relearn a couple of things and thankfully an email to Pfaff was answered quickly. I’d forgotten that invisible polyester doesn’t last forever on the spool. I did remember to use Bottom Line in the bobbin and release some tension on the top and to rethread every time the tension was adjusted or the machine restarted.

The very dark fabric in the corners is actually purple and I found a close match for the binding. A new reminder to cut and keep binding before putting a project aside! Got lucky that time.

The Flower Power top has been finished for months. I’ve been putting off quilting it because it’s big and heavy.

Here it is, unquilted. I just did echo quilting around the flowers. I used white thread. Big mistake! It was so hard to see. What I would do under similar circumstances the next time is use light gray thread. It wouldn’t make much difference just looking at it, but would have cut the drama of trying to see the stitches already in it by a lot. All I have left to quilt is the border and then about nineteen miles of binding.

This was a block of the month project from Sew Creative in Ashland, OR. I actually kept up with it and found it to be a really fun project.

My current BOM is from Keepsake Quilting. It’s called Trip Around the Sun. I’m seven months into it and it’s pretty cute.

I think we’re pretty caught up here. I wish the rest of my life were as caught up.

Oregon is starting to catch up, too. Not so much masking and more fresh air!

Quilt on, my friends.


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