And Now for Summer

And Now for Summer

June weather in the Pacific Northwest can be anything, from hot, sunny, and 90 something degrees to 60 and raining.  The last couple of weeks have seen it all, including thunder hail on Tuesday and Saturday.  It’s always exciting when thunder cracks and hail blows down sideways.

The good news is that it didn’t last long and didn’t beat up the flowers too badly.

 While my son was deployed in Iraq some years ago, I made him a patriotic quilt.  It serves to remind him that I am proud of his service.  At the time, it also provided therapy for me.  Sometimes there is very little we can do about a difficult or challenging situation and quilting is something we can manage.  After my son’s quilt was finished, I remember thinking that all returning service members should get a quilt.  Also service members of the past should get one.  I searched the internet and found Quilts of Valor.  I made a couple of quilts and sent them along.  I now find there are active QOV groups close to home and have made a few tops and given them to be quilted (doubtlessly more quickly) by local long-arm quilters. If you’re not familiar with Quilts of Valor, please look them up and consider making a quilt for a service member.

The current quilt, shown below, I decided to quilt myself to practice straight line quilting with a walking foot.  I’m getting a little more practice than I bargained for, but I’m getting close to the finish line.

This pattern came from Fons & Porter’s “Patriotic Quilts” magazine from the summer of 2013.  All the quilts are appropriate for Quilt of Honor Quilts and I’ve now made three of them.  All fifteen of the  quilts have easy piecing and I plan to eventually do all of them.


The patriotic quilt below was made a couple of years ago from a kit.  The quilting lines were done free motion, so the actual straightness of the lines is iffy at best.  It gives the quilt a more relaxed look.  This one lives on a bed in my office where naps occasionally take place.  It’s one of my favorites.

We’re enjoying a perfect first day of summer, warm and sunny.  As my “Maxine” calendar says, seems like only yesterday it was spring.  I actually took some time to just sit outside and listen to the breeze in the trees.  To do that AND quilt in one day is a joy.

Enjoy the longest day of the year and as always, quilt for fun.


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