We Have News

We Have News

After some deep thought, getting real and actually counting the minutes in a day, Barb and I have decided that as of March 1, we will no longer be creating patterns and selling them on the website. Our site will remain active and I will continue to blog here, show what we’re up to and perhaps post some videos.

There are many ideas and techniques I want to learn and pursue and some additional family duties in the near future. Also, it’s nice if I get around to fixing dinner and running a dust cloth around the place from time to time.

Our mild winter here has turned less mild. We’ve had a couple of snowfalls in the last weeks. We had some snow last night.

It melted off pretty quickly, but I know a good excuse to stay home and sew when I see one. It turns out that Billy loves the snow and tears around the yard throwing snow up in the air with his nose. He’s learned a lot in the past few weeks, yet he’s still really a puppy. He took his first road trip to my Mom’s last week and behaved better than I anticipated. He has new fans in my mom and her caregivers. FYI: Ella’s still in charge.

Wild Bill, the very big puppy.

The pansies kind of hated the snow.

I spent some days in Central Oregon a couple of weeks ago quilting with four friends. Okay, shopping and quilting. And eating out. And talking. And giving and taking advice. And laughing. I got a good start on a Quilt of Valor. And I got plenty of sleep. (No furry alarm clocks.) Quilting retreats are encouraging on the quilting front and good for the heart. Also, I forgot to take pictures. Except for this one.

Color picture of a gray day.

I’m about to start a quilt with batik strips and bright green background. It’s just for me. It will be a bit loud. It will be the perfect quilt to wrap myself in until spring comes. Hopefully soon.

If you want one of our patterns, this is the week. Thursday is our last day of business. After that it’s just fun with quilts.

Make a quilt just for fun!


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