The Last Rose of Summer

The Last Rose of Summer

The Northwest has been gifted with very unseasonable sunny weather for the last couple of weeks. And it is glorious. We’ve also had a bit of wind so some of my favorite colorful trees are mostly naked now. There are some stubborn holdouts. The other great thing is that I can hear kids outside playing. Never mind that their parents probably shoved their post- Halloween sugar high selves out the door and locked it! Later today I’ll be doing the great Halloween put-away. As I was walking Billy the other day, I took this picture of the last rose of summer.

There are still a couple of buds that think they’re going to make it, but given that it really is November, they may not.

I love the colors of strawberry plants in the fall. The one below made strawberries this summer for the first time in years. Sadly, it didn’t really get enough sun and the berries were kind of terrible. And now it’s beautiful.

In a moment of possible insanity, I decided to make a list of my UFO’s that I couldn’t ignore. It’s totally terrifying. The things with red dates beside them have deadlines. The plan is to finish two before I start anything new. This may not help shorten the ongoing list too much, yet crossing something off a long list is incredibly satisfying. Sweet Husband has suggested that I sell a few quilts on Etsy and I may do that. The sheer numbers are getting a little out of hand.

Actually, I finished Rocking Horse II. I’ll post a picture next week. It’s kind of a surprise for this weekend. Most of these UFO’s are unquilted tops. Like a dog who sees a squirrel, I see a new cool thing and I’m off in another direction. What I wish most is that I had made the bindings for the finished tops before I put them away.

Now that Halloween is over, the big run-up to Christmas is in full swing. All I ask is that Thanksgiving get its due. I’m not ready for Christmas carols yet, mainly because I don’t want to be tired of them by Christmas. Also, I find that a little Alvin and the Chipmunks goes a long way.

The last weekend of October, I was in the Rogue Valley to visit my mom and stopped in at Sew Creative in Ashland. It’s a very fun shop with lots of Modern Quilting fabric and patterns. In a weak moment, I signed up for a Block of the Month. I brought home the first block and the second one already came in the mail today. Each month I get background fabric, wool, threads and directions. I can’t believe I started 10 days ago and I’m already behind. I’ll post pictures as I get the blocks finished. Guess you no longer wonder why I have a long UFO list.

Now I need to go sew. There’s so much to create and so little time!


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  1. Judy Liebo says

    I can’t believe the length of that UFO list! You’ve been hiding them well.

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