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Quilt For Fun Blog –

It’s a beautiful summer morning with sunshine, a light breeze, singing birds and some crows.  I spent the week before last at the Quilter’s Affair in Sisters, taking a four-day class from Katie Pasquini Masopust.  We each brought a finished quilt as a jumping off point for a series of quilts.  I seriously surprised myself by doing four small quilt tops.  Each of us in the class was on her own little journey from very abstract to realistic, from patchwork to acrylic paint on silk and a whole lot in between.  I tried some things I hadn’t done before.  For me it was about experimenting with techniques and if it worked, great.  If not, then at least I learned something.  When I got home I finished the last one in the series, quilted it and hung it up.  It’s called The Last Leaf on the Tree.  It’s simple, effective and I like it.


Going to Sisters always prompts all kinds of new ideas for me.  The big problem is that I can’t do them all, have them all, or buy them all.  I’ve been told by someone who knows me well, (thank you, Sweet Husband) to reprioritize and cut myself a break.  It’s time to pick a few favorites from the favorites.  And maybe indulge in a bit of meditation to calm my overwhelmed senses.

The week after I got back was mainly one of recovery.  Six days of quilts is kind of a lot.  When overwhelm sets in, learning and appreciation levels really go down.  Of course, we’ve already made reservations for next year.

IMG_0704 (1)


While I was gone, my vegetable garden went crazy.  It looks like a jungle out there and it seems that one of my “zucchini” plants is actually a cucumber.  I’m not quite sure what to do as I have two other cucumber plants that are producing an embarrassment of riches.  Better lock up your cars or I may leave you some unsolicited cukes!

I just realized that I offered a special on “Halloween Housing” a couple of weeks ago and didn’t put it up on the site.  I’ll be fixing that this afternoon.  It’s really a fun little quilt and goes together fast.  Check it out.

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Off to Houston

Off to Houston

I’m home for a day between a short trip to San Francisco (and the Oregon State football game that didn’t end well) and a longer trip to Houston for the International Quilt Show.  Here’s what San Francisco looked like yesterday:

DSCN1129 3


I’m all packed and charging up the battery for my camera to take off for Houston tomorrow morning.  Sadly, Barb will be working in Dallas this week. So close, and yet so far away.  The last time I went to this show was 13 years ago so I’m ready to see a truly giant show again.  The one little downside is that I’ll miss Halloween here at home.  The decorations will be somewhat less gruesome this year, but Sweet Husband will be on hand to dish out candy.  I’ll take lots of pictures in Houston and post some next week.  I’m sure I’ll be more than ready to sit down in front of my computer or sewing machine or perhaps just sit and daydream about all the cool things I just saw.  I’m quite sure that sitting will figure prominently in any activity I pursue next Monday!


Harry’s Halloween

I have a pattern for a table runner that will be fun for the upcoming holidays.  It’ll be on the site next week.  It will be available for mail order or as a PDF.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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