Quilt Show Fun

Quilt Show Fun

Technology, yes or no.  I’m at yes, but . . . I hate it when my technology turns on me.  The computer issues of the last couple of weeks are fixed now (thank you, Laura) and it’s nice to be back.

I spent all of last week in Sisters, OR taking classes and, of course, toured the Outdoor Quilt Show on Saturday.  The weather was cooler than usual, which was actually kind of nice.  Naturally, my quilt friends and I had an air conditioned house for the first time in ages.  Quilt classes were taken, wine was drunk and a good time was had by all.  I took a three-day class on the embroidery of Sue Spargo.  Sadly, Sue couldn’t be with us, but Tonye Phillips filled in nicely and I now understand the joy of wool.  I’ve made a few pieces in the past and done a couple of kits.  Now that I know more of the possibilities, I’m hooked.  I’ve started a little sampler so I remember what I learned.

DSCN1473         DSCN1469

The other two days were spent in a design class by Rosalie Dace.  Again, so many possibilities.  Now I just need a whole heap of time to fully get into this.  The block below will be part of a larger project that I can hardly wait to work on.

The pear


The day of the Outdoor Show, my friend Judy and I got there in time to watch the local firemen put up quilts on the side of the building that houses The Stitching’ Post.

DSCN1410       DSCN1412

Everyone helps out during the Outdoor Quilt Show.

Here are a few quilts I totally loved.  Actually, I loved all of them, but here is just a small sampling.

DSCN1425 DSCN1417 DSCN1429 DSCN1435DSCN1411


And I met some new furry friends who found the cooler weather much more fun. Love those quilt show dogs.

DSCN1462 (1) DSCN1442 DSCN1439 DSCN1438 DSCN1454

And as we were gassing up to leave Sisters on Sunday, we saw this.  Just couldn’t resist snapping a pic.



Barb was at my house last night looking at her UFO’s and I reminded her to cut her binding or at least attach the binding fabric to a project before putting it away to finish later.  She suggested I share that tip (again) as I’ve frustrated myself more than once by not thinking of it.

As always, quilt for fun and enjoy summer.



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