Quilt For Fun – The Blog

Quilt For Fun – The Blog

Why do you quilt?  Nobody actually asked me this but did ask:  “What are you doing with your time now that you aren’t working?”  made me consider it.  The wise guy answer would be, because I can.  My clothing & textiles background made it a natural and it pretty quickly displaced making clothes.  Also, I love color.  I like projects that have a beginning, middle and end (unlike housework which has a beginning and a middle that goes on forever and no end).  I also like having something fairly permanent to show for my time and the endless opportunities to create something new.  Good to know.

There are also reasons like:  they make special gifts, they’re memories of different occasions in life, I can honor the sacrifices of others with Quilts of Valor and something I’ve done will outlive me.  Also, nobody in my family will likely freeze any time soon.

The final answer and the most real one is that it’s fun.  The fabrics, the colors, the designs, the classes, the friends,  all of it is fun.  There’ll always be a challenge out there and I like that feeling, too.

So why do YOU quilt?  I think it’s a question worth taking a few minutes to think about.  Write yourself a note to remind why you quilt.  Post it in your sewing space.  When the inevitable frustration sets in (tearing out quilting is the worst!) you’ll have that little reminder that the fun will be back soon.  Then get back in there and Quilt For Fun.

Here’s a picture of a new little quilt that I’ll talk more about next week.  For a better picture, go to Mother on a Broomstick Designs on Facebook.


It’s going to be part of double pattern in a few weeks, but will be available soon as an individual download soon.  In the meantime, browse our patterns and let us know what you think.  We always welcome your input.


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