Quilt for Fun – Early Fall

Quilt for Fun – Early Fall

I think it might be almost fall.  I’ve got lots of tomatoes and squash and the weather is cooler and cloudier.  We’ve even had a bit of rain, which we happily welcomed.  I baked our traditional First Week of School cookies yesterday.  My mom used to bake these early in September either to ease the drama of a return to more structured school days or (more probably) as a celebration of peace and quiet.  I baked them for my kids for the same reasons and still do just because I can.  The good news is that they’re yummy.  The bad news is that they’re made of butter, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconut and sweetened condensed milk.  Since they’re mostly sugar and fat, how could they not taste great?  I only make them once a year as Sweet Husband and I can chow those babies down in record time.


In an attempt to improve my piecing skills, I bought a kit and pattern by Elizabeth Hartman called “Aviatrix.”  I don’t do kits very often but since this pattern called for 25 solid fat quarters, I decided to get to the part I really wanted to work on.  (I pretty much have the shopping part down.)  The cutting alone is quite a project.  Apparently, I’m also working on patience.  Here’s the picture of the center.  It actually went together more easily than I thought it would.  There was a minimum of ripping and swearing.  Now there are six more pieced borders.


I went back to a helper that I thought I didn’t need anymore.  I put a small piece of moleskin on the ¼” line in front of the needle on my machine to help me stay on the straight and narrow.  It really helps a lot.  It seems to work better for me than the ¼” foot.



I’m also finding that I like the wide foot for small pieces.  The beginnings just go more smoothly.


Since Labor Day isn’t until next week,  “Halloween Housing” will be available until next week.  Then it will go away for a while until the pattern that goes with it is available.  It’s a fun way to use up those cute Halloween fabrics that you didn’t want to cut up into little pieces.

Quilt for Fun



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