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Greetings from the lovely Pacific Northwest.   We hope you had a wonderful Independence Day Weekend.  Around here, we generally view July 4th as the beginning of summer.  This year, summer started early.  My veggie garden, which was just baby plants a couple of weeks ago has gone crazy.  I’m pretty sure that if I just sat out there and watched, I could see the squash plants grow.  They’re all flowering and most have little squashes started.


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This week is all about quilting for me.  I’m spending the week in Sisters, Oregon, taking a four-day class and enjoying the company of other quilters.  I’m especially excited this year as the last time I went was three years ago! Other fun life events have gotten in the way the last couple of years and I’m glad to return to quilt week.  I’ll be posting some pictures throughout the week of quilts and the town of Sisters.  The whole town becomes about the quilting for the week and it’s just fun.

I’m packing up the usual ton of stuff, knowing full well that whatever fabrics I take, I will need to buy some when I start class.  Apparently, that’s just a law of nature, or law of quilting.  And there will be some new thing or book I just can’t live without. I’m taking the camera, opening my mind and just letting the beauty and ideas flow in.


This doesn’t seem like enough stuff.  What could I have forgotten?


Just in case you’re wondering.  I shall be home, in the air conditioning, thinking up a cunning new plan.



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