On A Tear

On A Tear

The day before yesterday the sun came out after several days of clouds and rain.  Also, my cold is much better.  And to top it off, my sewing machine is ready to be picked up from the shop.  I had just finished the small top that was kind of experimental and decided I liked it when it hit me:  I need to thin the herd.


I had looked through my stash and scraps to create the stripes on the new (and as yet unnamed quilt) and realized that there were too many old fabrics that I am unlikely to use and some tiny scraps that I have absolutely no idea why I’ve kept.  I have strips separated by width and having cleaned those out, I went on to boxes of scraps, separated by color.


This would be a lot more impressive if I’d thought to take a “before” picture, but seriously, nobody wants to see that.

 The regular stash is not immune.  My style has changed over the years and some of that stuff needs to be set free to find a better home.  Not satisfied with all this, I went through the smaller pieces of batting I was sure I’d use for a small project.  The problem is that it’s never quite long enough or wide enough and I’m not planning to make a bunch of placemats any time soon.  That messy pile is now gone.

My Paintstik exercises, which I’m having a lot of fun with will move to an unused table in the basement.  Now that the weather’s warmed up, it’ll be quite comfortable in there.  Paintstiks are kind of messy and to be honest, so am I, so they need their own little space.


I’m not sure what got into me, but I have to take advantage of these moods when they hit.  We moved several times for the first fourteen years we were married, which makes one clean out on a regular basis. We’ve lived in this house almost 27 years and it tends to let me hang on to things that are way past their prime.  So here’s to lightening the load!

I just realized that Mother’s day is only a week away.  Which means that Father’s Day can’t be far behind.  Years ago, I made a fishing quilt in the 3, 6, 9 format.  I gave that one away and my kids were not amused.  So I made another one.  Sometime after that, I made a bigger one with a golf theme that I gave to my father-in-law.  This week I’m putting together the pattern for the fishing quilt.  It should be ready by the end of the week so you have time to make one for the man in your life.


 Here’s a picture of the first Blanket Flower of the year.  I love these plants as they bloom from now into October and all I have to do it deadhead regularly.  I cut them back when they’re finished in the late fall and they come back in the spring.  Now that’s the kind of gardening I’m talking about.


Keep quilting!





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