Officially Quilt Time

Officially Quilt Time

It’s officially fall, which is a beautiful time of year in the Northwest.  It’s cooler, of course, but often sunny with comfortable temperatures up around 70.  We have lots of trees that turn amazing shades of red and gold, mixed in with the evergreens.  This last full weekend of September is also the Northwest Quilt Expo, here in Portland.  We spent some hours there on Thursday and my feet are still tired.  As always, it was worth it.  I have to show off the entry from my small quilt group, Quilters on the Edge.


It’s called “Glories of Oregon” and each small quilt was made by a different member of the group.  Because it was not supported in the middle, and it’s heavy (each small quilt is about 18″ X 24″) it didn’t hang straight, which was a bummer.  I might also add that I forgot my good camera and used my phone, which I’m not very good at.  It was a fun project that challenged all of us.

This show has a bit of everything.  Modern . . . love the colors.


Realistic . . . he could’ve just jumped out and scampered into the woods.


Landscape . . . very seasonal and cool.


Hard to classify . . . but SO classic.


Amazing quilting . . . and use of fabric.


My head is swimming with all that great inspiration and some new ideas.

Of course the vendor mall was fun and I had to use all my self discipline powers not to buy one of each.  All in all, it was such a fun show.

It’s about time to close down the vegetable garden.  I learned a few things and will do it differently next year.  I’m even making some notes so I remember what not to do next year.  Some of the plants loved the hot, dry summer.  Others not so much.  Sadly, I can’t magically know in April what the weather will be like in July.  It’s a gamble every year.

I’m working on a block for a Christmas runner which I hope to show in about 10 days.

Do a little handwork while you watch football if you’re a fan.  If not just go to your sewing space and QUILT FOR FUN!


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