Off to Houston

Off to Houston

I’m home for a day between a short trip to San Francisco (and the Oregon State football game that didn’t end well) and a longer trip to Houston for the International Quilt Show.  Here’s what San Francisco looked like yesterday:

DSCN1129 3


I’m all packed and charging up the battery for my camera to take off for Houston tomorrow morning.  Sadly, Barb will be working in Dallas this week. So close, and yet so far away.  The last time I went to this show was 13 years ago so I’m ready to see a truly giant show again.  The one little downside is that I’ll miss Halloween here at home.  The decorations will be somewhat less gruesome this year, but Sweet Husband will be on hand to dish out candy.  I’ll take lots of pictures in Houston and post some next week.  I’m sure I’ll be more than ready to sit down in front of my computer or sewing machine or perhaps just sit and daydream about all the cool things I just saw.  I’m quite sure that sitting will figure prominently in any activity I pursue next Monday!


Harry’s Halloween

I have a pattern for a table runner that will be fun for the upcoming holidays.  It’ll be on the site next week.  It will be available for mail order or as a PDF.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Quilt for the Fun of It.


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