News From Off the Beaten Path

News From Off the Beaten Path

I’m finding it hard to believe that July is almost over. Summer took a while to get started around here and has generally been not too hot or smoky which has been a big hit with most people. The vegetable plants would be the big exception. I have two big tomatoes and one cherry tomato starting to ripen up, but that’s about it. There is also one tiny little yellow summer squash starting. With luck, we’ll have a warm autumn and we’ll be picking fruits and veggies well into September.

I took a chance and cut the morning glories back almost to the dirt last fall. Luckily, they liked it.

I love these guys because they’re so easy care.

Sweet Husband and I have made several trips to Southern Oregon to get my mom’s house ready to hit the market. It’s a bit overwhelming what with opening drawers filled to the brim, finding some great old pictures and sending snaps to kids and nieces to see if they want anything. Then hauling their stuff home to hand over to them (not to mention finding a place for a few treasures of my own). This weekend will be the final sweep before the estate sale people take over. It’s bittersweet as I hate to see the place leave the family, and yet it’s too much for any of us to take care of.

There has also been quilting squeezed in between trips. Barb and I and three friends spent a quilt week at Sisters before the Outdoor Quilt Show. I took three classes and here’s the project I’m almost finished with. It’s called Under the Sea.

It’s from a class with Frieda Anderson which was quite fun and as always, I learned a bunch. There was also a painting with dye class with June Jaeger. I love this kind of class where you pay a fee to use someone else’s supplies before you buy $400 of supplies you’ll never use again. It was a fun class, but since I have about four kinds of fabric paint already, I won’t be investing in fabric dye.

The last class I took was from Sue Spargo. I do enjoy embroidery on wool and this class was both instructive and relaxing. The thing I love most is that her Eleganza threads are on colored spools according to thread size and the tubes her needles come in use the same colors. I can use all the help I can get and this is brilliant. Here’s the beginning of my sampler which will ultimately be a needle roll.

While in Central Oregon, Barb and I went fabric shopping (as if we don’t have enough fabric and patterns to last for life). It was so much fun and now we have even bigger stashes and more projects on deck.

Earlier in the summer I made this little quilt of some kind of invertebrate. (The book wasn’t too specific about this one.) The idea came from a Dover book of copyright free animal drawings. I got to use some of my favorite colors and try out a couple of techniques.

I also finished a top I did last fall. I’m determined to whittle down my pile of tops, most of which I really like and would like to finish. At this rate, it’ll take me a while. If I didn’t have to do grocery shopping and occasionally take a swipe at cleaning the house, it would go faster.

That kind of wraps up summer so far. Hope everyone is enjoying the season.


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