May I Have More Minutes, Please?

May I Have More Minutes, Please?

It is possible that I have more stuff on my list than can be accomplished before 2030.  I’m working to finish some UFOs, always a noble project.  Unrealistic, but noble.  I’ve finished three projects in the last couple of months and am sorry to report that it hasn’t made as big a dent in the UFO pile as I’d hoped. This is the latest to be finished.  It’s called Sea Goddesses.   This was Laurel Burch fabric from a few years back that I just had to have.


Also, I’m working on a Quilt of Valor.  I love red, white and blue quilts and I like this way of giving back.

In addition to the above, I’m taking an online class with Shelly Stokes called “Totally Textured.”  Shelly’s done some really fabulous quilts with Paintstiks and rubbing plates and I’m having fun learning a new technique.  Here’s an exercise from Lesson 2:


I have a new quilt in my head that I’m hoping is as easy and effective as I think it will be.  I have all the fabric I need for it, so I’ll jump into that soon.  Really.  I need to get it out of my head and onto the sewing machine.

Speaking of the sewing machine . . . Have you ever put in a new needle, tightened the set screw and had the needle fall out?  At first I thought I was doing something wrong.  But since I’ve been installing sewing machine needles for almost 50 years, I’m pretty sure I’ve got that part.  Turns out I wore out something and the machine is in the shop.  Luckily for me, Barbara has a machine just like it and it lives at my house.  With her permission, I moved it into my space and I continue to sew.

April is a really nutty weather month here.  It was well into the 80’s early last week.  Today it’s 58.  That’s actually not a bad temperature, but I’m planning to work in the yard in a couple of days when it warms up a bit.  I bought these babies today for a blank spot in the back yard, and yes, they were still in the trunk when I took this picture.


                                                                                                              Empty Spot



I’ll let them get used to being outside for a couple of days before I plant them.  I planted some other hydrangeas a couple of years ago that have thrived through some tough times, so  I have high hopes for these.

I can’t actually complain about the weather.  It’s a bit dreary but not severe.  Sending good thoughts to those enduring baseball sized hail and tornadoes.   Can’t even imagine!

Keep quilting.


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