It’s Almost Here

It’s Almost Here

Spring will officially be here in less than a week although here in the Northwest, springlike weather’s been going on for about a month.  If you have snow up to your armpits and you have an idea how to get it to the west coast, there are lots of places out here that would love that.   We got wind and rain this weekend, (emphasis on wind) and I’m amazed that it didn’t blow the petals right off the tulips. But here they are, bright and pretty.


This is what I wait all winter to see.


My quilt guild had a show weekend before last.  The quilt below was part of a challenge using the paint drop fabric and the theme: All Roads Lead to Quilting.  Mine was called, Off-Road:  Catching Liquid Sunshine.  The purple umbrella is dimensional.  When I get it back I hope to get a better picture of it.  Every quilt teaches a lesson and this one is, “find a different paint for sparkles.”  While it made the rain look more rainy, the sparkles shed.  There will be sparkles loose in my studio for the foreseeable future.



I also entered “Curves.” below.  It was a class I took some years ago from Barb Shapel who also developed the pattern.  Barb does really amazing work and if you ever get a chance to take a class from her, don’t think, just do it.  This went together so much more easily than I thought it would and I love how it almost moves.



This is my latest quilt with my small quilt group, Quilters on the Edge.  I spread it out before quilting to take a picture.  Went to the office to get the camera and guess what I found when I got back.  Do not mistake this look for guilt.  The only part Ella’s sorry about is getting caught.  I needed some quilting to pull the flowers and leaves theme together so I left lots of space on the right to quilt in sunflowers





This is one of my favorite parts of quilting.  The little leaves on the left went between the rows and on the outside area to the left of the rows.   I don’t draw them but just let them flow.  The stalks and flowers of the big sunflower I drew with chalk pencil as a guide.  I would like to send a big THANK YOU to the other members and friends who contributed rows to the quilt: Judy, Jean, Claudia, Becky, Jan, Lisa and Jacque.  Belonging to a fun and supportive group like this is the best gift you can give yourself.



Keep Quilting,


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