Holiday Time

Holiday Time

It’s that very busy time of year again and I know this because I just searched for my cell phone and found it in my hand. I’m attempting to be organized and yet life continues to feel a bit out of control. My brain well knows that control is really an illusion. I still make a plan and hope for the best. Right on cue, there was an unexpected trip to the vet (Ella’s fine; the truth is that at 12 ½ she’s reached the place in life where it’s always something) and an unplanned trip to the shop for Sweet Husband’s car. So much for control.

It’s less than three weeks until the shortest day of the year. I really hate getting up in the dark and having it be almost dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. It’s not much of a mystery why our ancestors celebrated the shortest day and the fact that the days would begin getting longer. There’s always the outside chance that December 21st will find me dancing in the street.

I’m very tickled to have finished the quilt for my granddaughter. This one I made for love of the fabric and it also reminded me why I swore off black a couple of years ago. Hand sewing the binding on was a real trip. Now it’s ready for cuddling, drooling and maybe a little spit up. Clearly I don’t make baby quilts as heirlooms. If they wear out, they wear out and I’ll make another one.

Now I’m finishing a small group quilt. Each person in the group made three triangles for each of the other members. Because we used equilateral triangle rulers, we received perfect triangles, making them really easy to put together. Each of us is on our own to decide how to set them so it’ll be interesting to see what the different members came up with. I would love to have it be just this diamond, but that would be a real challenge to hang and since we’re entering them in a show, the diamond will be in a light gray rectangle.

The block of the month is going well. Two of the first four are completely finished and the other two are almost there. While I was in the Rogue Valley last weekend, I picked up my December blocks. I’m not letting myself start them until the Christmas decorations are up.

Sweet Husband put up the lights on a sunshiny day last week. I’ve already hung the Christmas quilts. Beyond that, I’ve done nothing. The plan is to be decorated by the end of the week. The one thing I did do was make bourbon balls yesterday so they’ll be tasty by Christmas. The hard part is staying out of them for a couple of weeks.

I’ve got one more Christmas top I’d like to finish, but that’s iffy, at best. Still, it could happen.

Packing a lot into the next three weeks? Don’t forget to give yourself a break to enjoy a hot coffee or tea and just be for awhile.

Got something cool you’re working on? Send a picture; I’d love to see.


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