Having Fun Yet?

Having Fun Yet?

The sweet surprise last Monday was a dry and mild day and night.  We had lots of trick-or-treaters and Toby and Ella had a great time.  They tried more than once to just amble off with the kids, but it’s hard to just blend into the crowd when you’re big and furry.


Toby was bummed when the kids didn’t stay and play.  There’s nothing like a whole bunch of new fans that think you’re soft and cuddly.  While the dogs both loved the excitement and attention, they were pretty pooped at the end of the evening.


I have no idea how this could possibly be comfortable, but the big guy doesn’t seem to mind.

The rest of the week was sunny and mild, which is pretty surprising for the first week of November here.  I sat out to catch a little vitamin D and for some reason, I found that nasturtiums that barely came up in the window boxes this summer, were enjoying a major comeback.


There are also a couple of pansies still blooming.  Usually they do well in the fall but the wind blew half of them away and I’d about given up on them.  Yet there were a few hardy souls.


I finished my Hallowe’en top this week and plan to quilt it right after the quilt that has a due date.  The pattern I used is called Giddy Gridlock and was featured in Easy Modern Quilts, Winter 2016.  I made it a bit smaller than the pattern called for, but it’s plenty big enough.  The plan was that this would make some inroads into my Hallowe’en stash.  (Insert hysterical laughter here.)  The good news is that it was fast and easy and I like it.


I refolded and restacked the Hallowe’en fabric collection so it at least looks neater.

So now that it’s November, my question is:  are you having fun yet?  The Thanksgiving and Christmas magazines are out with tons of information on throwing the most fabulous holiday celebration ever.  Also, gift and decorating ideas for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and anything else I haven’t thought of yet.  There is lots of advice on making it  simpler (followed by recipes with 25 ingredients), taking care of yourself, gift giving and hosting the party of the century.  The very idea of wandering through the mall in the next two months, looking for a gift (I’m not sure quite what) and hoping the perfect thing jumps out and says, “Buy me,” makes my feet hurt.  I wish I had some really fabulous advice on how to have fun during the holiday season, but everybody defines fun differently, so that really doesn’t work.

I’ve given myself permission to do my shopping on the internet the last few years and that’s helped a lot.  I also let people bring food to family dinners I host.  The most helpful thing for me is taking enough fun time in the quilt studio.  This isn’t for making gifts, but for sanity maintenance.

The first year Sweet Husband and I were married, I realized that Christmas doesn’t just happen, people like my parents made it happen.  I really felt the pressure of making it happen for our new family.  This can eventually suck the fun out.  I’ve learned to spread the work around and not get nuts about it.  There was a day (before kids) when I candied my own fruit for fruit cake.  I didn’t really like the cake, but loved the smell of home-candied fruit.  Then there was the home-made divinity that the sugar ants got to.  They kind of got stuck and croaked there.  Lesson learned.

Here’s the point of this little ramble:  Do the parts you like and get help with or skip the parts you don’t.  I’ve taken this advice with quilting projects and I think it’s a good plan for life in general.

So how will you make the holidays fun for you this year?  If you have some great ideas, send them to us so we can pass them along.

Keep Quilting for Fun!


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