Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

The holiday season is upon us.  I know this because every magazine that’s come through my mailbox since mid-October has either a golden turkey or a giant pumpkin pie on the front.  Starting last week, they have Christmas desserts that make my hips expand just by looking at the pictures.  Then there are quilting and craft magazines full of decorations and gifts and more food.

Time to take a deep breath and get real.  If you started some projects weeks ago and finished  already, I bow to you, Organized and Industrious Person.  The rest of us have a stack of magazines, patterns or great ideas.  They’re beautiful, charming and creative.  They also will take about twice as long to complete as we think they will.  (So does a quick trip to Target, but that’s another whole story.)  So here’s the choice:  1) try to do it all, run yourself ragged, feel guilty it didn’t all get finished and promise yourself you’ll do better next year, or 2) pick one or two things you can realistically do in the next five weeks without pulling an all-nighter, skip the guilt and recriminations, and have a more serene holiday.  I’m choosing #2.  It’s not like I’m going to run out of things to do – ever.

With all of the above firmly in mind, here’s a peek at the Christmas (or holiday of your choice) runner that will be featured on the website starting in a few days.


The instructions are finished and the only part left is to take and upload photos for the How To page.  All the seams are straight lines, even though it winds up looking like curves.  The pattern will include two block sizes but of course we’d love to see you change it up to fit your fabric or table size.

Remember the dahlia picture I posted last week?  My timing was actually rather good.  That evening we had our first freeze of the season and overnight the flowers and plants were withered.  The following day featured freezing rain and we had ice on the deck for almost a week. It’s a bit early for that stuff but given the wild weather across the country the last few days, I will gladly take sunny days and freezing nights.

Yesterday was Toby’s 11th birthday.  Luckily, nobody has told him that he’s a senior dog.  It doesn’t seem so long ago that I brought home that 23 pound ball of black fur.  You know all those sweet dog pictures on Facebook?  It’s like that.


Here he is guarding an apple core.  He really didn’t want it, but he didn’t want anyone else to have it either.  Still hilarious after all these years.


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Happy Thanksgiving to all,







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