Going Wild

Going Wild

“It’s always something.”
-Rosanne Rosannadanna

Truer words were never spoken.  Just when you think you’re all organized and you have a plan, that little “something” sneaks in and teaches us to be flexible.  This is what we like to call the “learning moment.”  I used to think that I would get older and wiser and I would get life under control.  Got older and the wiser part is that nothing is ever really “under control.”  It seems that the really important thing is keeping a sense of humor.  Life is a bit like the weather on a spring day in the Pacific Northwest – in ten minutes it will be something different.  So we dress in layers (or make sure we have Plan B) and always have some rain boots in the trunk.  This, my friends, is real life.

Today actually turns out to be wild life Thursday.  Too bad it didn’t happen yesterday.  Wild life Wednesday actually sounds a lot cooler.  Early this morning I went in the laundry room to feed the dogs.  There was a little mouse running around in the laundry sink.  I was startled and naturally screamed.  The mouse freaked out and hid in the drain.  He’s actually kind of a cute little guy, but he cannot stay there.  Sweet Husband promised to take care of it.  He doesn’t want me to look at it, feel sorry about getting rid of it or even think about what that means.  I do feel sorry for the mouse, but he cannot be running around the house, pooping every ten seconds.  Ella and Toby are completely oblivious.  If it doesn’t run up and kick ’em in the shins, they really don’t care.  Oh, and also – not taking a picture of the mouse.

My other wild life moment was over before I could pick up the camera.  I was checking email and a squirrel peeked in the window at me.  The window was open so there was only a screen and about 18 inches between us.  Since the window is on the second floor, he must have crawled up the side of the house.  I said hi and then he left.  Maybe he’ll come by for a longer chat sometime.

The tulips in my garden are growing well, but not ready to bloom for a bit.  So I bought a couple of bunches at the grocery store just to liven the kitchen up a little.  They looked very pretty when I first put them out, but are so much more interesting as they get past their prime.

They got a little wild and crazy as I seem to as I age.  I like my tulip quilts . . .

but I think I need one more like this:


Not quite so sedate.

The pattern for Mother Goes Mod is almost finished, but the website is down.  If I understood the whys and wherefores,  I would be a computer wizard instead of the redhead with the sewing machine, and a huge stash.  So here’s the thing.  A new website is on the way.  If you (or anyone you’ve ever heard of) is interested in buying a pattern, please email me at motheronabroomstick@gmail.com and we can make that happen pretty darn quick.  In the meantime, think of me as I put together a new website that WORKS.

Quilt more, worry less.

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