Colorful Fall

Colorful Fall

We’re fixed and back! I must admit that while I love the quilting and writing and taking pictures, technical issues really wig me out. When I finally figured out who to ask for help, they fixed the issue in a hurry. Thank you Green Geeks! For the time being, I’ll post the blog both here and at The blogs missing from this page are on the blogspot page. I’ve become a belt AND suspenders kind of gal. I like to think it’s an age and wisdom sort of thing.

We’re enjoying the most colorful fall in recent memory.

This has been kind of a weird fall, weatherwise. I grew these Jack Be Little pumpkins and love them with these perennials (whose name I have long forgotten).

The purples and oranges with the touches of blue just say “fall” to me.

The plant the pumpkins came from has not yet given up.

We’re supposed to have some sunny days coming up, but I don’t think it’ll be enough for these little guys.

The dahlias took forever to get started this summer and are hanging in as if to prove a point. The bit of dark brown in one petal is a tiny snail and you can see his handiwork in several of the petals. If anyone knows the part they play in the ecological circle of life besides wholesale destruction of whatever I plant, I’d really like to know.

Sweet Husband cut this out for me several years ago and reattached her head after a windstorm. It’s rained quite a bit so her cauldron isn’t out in the yard yet.

Daytime isn’t really her thing, but she’s pretty cool backlit at night.

All except the last minute Halloween decor is up. I’m finding that I now have more Halloween quilts than wall space to hang them or furniture to hang them over. These three are pinned up on my office wall just to keep me company.

The two on the right are fused. Both are patterns I bought from catalogs or online. They were quick, easy and fun. The one on the left is from the 90’s and one of the first that I designed myself. The fabric is from a Debbie Mumm collection that I just fell in love with. I actually have a few scraps left. Because the images in the center of the stars were kind of an odd measurement, it meant I had to draft the pattern to fit them. The fabric collection remains one of my very favorites.

There’s just something about this fabric.

I’m working to finish two baby quilts, so some unfinished Halloween quilts will remain unfinished for a while longer. Given how tickled I am to become a grandmother, it’s not really a thing.

Billy, aka Wild Bill, returns for another session of dog obedience this evening. He’s still a goofy teenager as you can see below.

How does he even DO that?

He’s very flexible and a complete silly!

Apparently it’s time to ramp up for Christmas. The one fabric I had a hankering for is currently out of stock. Next year I’ll start Halloween in June and Christmas in August. Okay, maybe not actually quilting, but buying whatever fabric I might love before it’s sold out.

Keep quilting for fun.


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