They say that everything changes except the fact that everything changes. And right now I’m smack in the middle of change. My mom is going to move out of the house she’s lived in for over fifty years. The house has been part of our lives ever since my brother and I can remember as my grandparents moved there in 1924. Sweet Husband and I are contemplating a move of our own as the house we’ve lived in for thirty years is too big and hasn’t got the right kinds of spaces for the life we live now. Since no matter how I slice it, there are only twenty-four hours in a day, something had to give. So while Mother on a Broomstick won’t be selling patterns anymore, we will still be here to talk about life and quilting.

Now that spring is finally here, the tulips are looking a lot healthier. We’ve had so much snow, even into March, that those early leaves were looking a little the worse for wear. While it’s warming up, we were getting this sort of thing up until two weeks ago:

Early March!

Nobody was terribly amused.

Now the garden is looking like this and the tulips haven’t even started to bloom yet:

The aroma of the hyacinths is delightful.

The one good thing about the cold weather is that I wasn’t tempted to go out and start weeding. Instead, I made this:

All Tangled Up

All Tangled Up is a pattern I bought last month from The Stitching’ Post in Sisters, Oregon. I was with a bunch of friends and it just spoke to me. I already had the batik strips so I bought the green background and decided to make this quilt just for me. I’m currently waiting for the backing to be delivered so I can start quilting. I think it might be bright enough.

I’ve been looking through my UFOs and I have more than a few. I’m thinking that finishing two before I start something new might work. Then again, I’ve met me and that will be a challenge. I keep thinking of new things to try. Lord knows, I’ll never be bored!

Our 60 pound “puppy,” Billy, is mostly settling in. He has more energy than the law allows and there are times when he’s lucky he’s so cute.

Ella remains in charge and isn’t afraid defend her status.

I’m hoping to finish the top of a Quilt of Valor by next week. I should’ve made it with bigger squares. As always, hindsight is 20/20. I need to write this stuff down someplace so I remember it next time.

I’ve been thinking about the people flooded out in the midwest and it just breaks my heart. When rebuilding starts, I’ll be looking for a way to help quilters get going again. I’ve been very blessed and want to pass it on.

Happy spring to all,


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