The Personal Challenge

The Personal Challenge

One of the most interesting and educational things we quilters can do is the personal challenge.  The challenge can be a single project or a long term thing.  When we give ourselves a test that includes limitations on palette, size, time or whatever other boundaries we think up, we make ourselves imagine outside our box.  There are so many cool techniques and ideas and patterns out there, that we could quilt for a lifetime without really testing our boundaries.  Pushing ourselves into unfamiliar territory is a bit off-putting, yet it is the door to being better artists and better quilters.

Last summer I bought an odds and ends package with these fabrics in them.


There are good sized chunks of some and fairly small pieces of others.  These are fabrics I wouldn’t normally buy, much less buy together.  But there was something about them that called to me.

After looking at ideas I have saved and filed for some years, I added a solid and winnowed the above fabrics down to these.

Sadly, there’s not much orange and I will either add some of a similar orange from my stash or consider adding the red from the original group. I will not buy anything more.  Tough talk, I know.  That’s the challenge.  I can do this.

So far, this is what I have.

The carpet background is not my favorite; my design wall is currently inaccessible.  I plan on making three more blocks and calling it finished.  This plan has led to the thinking up of a couple more quilt designs.  Can’t wait to try them out.

The “Frosty Days” pattern is finished and will be available at the end of the week.  Check back for details.

And finally, Toby and Ella accompanied Sweet Husband and me to my mother’s last weekend.  “Nana” is a big fan of the dogs and looks forward to their visits.  Sweet Husband does some odds and ends around the house and sometimes some bigger projects.  The original parts of Nana’s house are over 100 years old, so there’s always something.

Toby naps, gives driving directions and asks for Sweet Husband to share his chicken tenders.  Ella just stares out the window for however many hours it takes to get where we’re going.  She does not take time out for photo ops.  So Toby brings all his cuteness to the camera without interruption.

Stay in touch!

Challenge yourself and quilt for fun.



PS  It’s raining.  Again.  Please send sunshine.


A Little Taste of Spring

A Little Taste of Spring

Here in the Northwest, we’re experiencing what I like to call the Spring Teaser.  It’s a mean little thing that  Mother Nature does to trick us into thinking that spring is almost here.  We have sunshine and balmy temperatures (like 62!).  Then we have a day that’s foggy and dreary, followed by a day of mostly sun.  I wouldn’t dream of complaining after seeing the big fun on the Eastern Seaboard.  That’s pretty brutal.  But I must admit I do feel a bit messed with.

DSC_0005 DSC_0007

After a cloudy day on Sunday, this sweet surprise on Monday morning was delightful.  There’s still a lot rain and chill to come but even a little sun is so energizing.  Today was kind of a mixed bag.


Every bit of blue sky helps and of course my tough little pansies are a real day brightener.


Today I finished this top called Cozy Throw.  It’s a kit from Craftsy by Amy Gibson.  There was plenty of fabric and good directions.  I like using the occasional kit to learn new things.  I haven’t done much with solids until the last few months and especially not white.  I’ve limited myself to tone-on-tone prints in place of solids in the past, but I like expanding the possibilities.  The plan is to use wool batting, which I haven’t done before.  I hear that you don’t grow old until you stop learning so I’ll just keep learning and hoping my brain stays young.


I love these cheery, bright colors.  They’re a perfect pick-me-up for January blues.

I have an idea for some new quilt designs that I’ll be testing out over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, please check out our two tulip-themed patterns, Singing Tulips and Tulip Field on the shopping page.  They’re both great reminders of the spring time ahead while there is still snow and bare trees outside our windows.

Quilt for fun!