Catching Up

Catching Up

The last month has whizzed by, mainly because I took four plane trips and spent the time in between catching up.  I spent most of the last week in October at the International Quilt Show in Houston.  The last time I attended that show was in 2001 and again it was both inspiring and intimidating.  Also, lots of fun.  Saw old friends, made new friends and, as always, found quilters to be wonderfully friendly and helpful. There were 1200 vendors.  A person could go really nuts.  I exercised amazing self control and only bought what would fit in carry-on.

I’m pretty sure that every one of the 60,000 people expected to view the show took this picture:


And here are a few of my other favorites:


“Fire Chief Rain Boots”  Cheryl Culver, Portland, OR


“Straight From the Horse’s Mouth”  Cindy Garcia, Racine, WI


“Royal Thistle”  Helena Scheffer & Marion Perrault, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada


“Waratah”  Melinda Bula, Eldorado Hills, CA

Loved ’em all!

It’s a totally gorgeous day — autumn on the cusp of an early winter.  It’s supposed to freeze tonight, which is early for the Willamette Valley.  There are still lots of leaves on the trees, making it hard to get into getting ready for Christmas.  Since sunshine makes me energetic, I actually created some neatness in my little office.  Even the dogs seem a little shocked.

I’m ready to be home for a while, working on the website and quilting.  And with the growing season being over, and a chilly wind blowing, outside is not so tempting.  Time to snuggle in and get some stuff done.

There’s just the last dahlia of summer, basking in the sun.


Quilt for fun


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