A Little News

A Little News

I started to write this a couple of weeks ago and then life happened as it tends to do. Anyway, I’m back. The first little bit is what I wrote earlier in the month.

A summery kind of spring has descended on us and it feels so good. The purple tulips I planted last fall bloom way later than the rest so they were the only ones left when I took the picture below. I decided I liked the deep purple next to the California poppies and should consider that combination in a quilt.

In other garden good news, the little rose that I thought I killed last summer has come back. I shall endeavor to give it more love through this summer.

There hasn’t been as much quilting the last few weeks as I would’ve liked. There were a couple of things that had deadlines and we’re slowly getting my mom’s house ready to sell. Because it’s 300 miles away, it’s happening in dribs and drabs. As a service message to you may I say: Thin the herd now; your kids will thank you later. We’ve lived in our house for 30 years and since we have room, we’ve saved stuff. My mom lived in her house for 51 years and boy does she have stuff! We’ll get it done, just not all at once.

Today is Ella’s birthday. She’s 12 years old. While she’s slowed down a bit (which we didn’t notice until we got Wild Bill) she’s in good shape and still in charge.

Clearly, she still has a lot to say.

The garden seems to change daily. This week a bunch of California poppies will come out and veggies will go in. The poppies really don’t care. They’ll be back in force in a couple of weeks.

I finally finished a quilt that I started some years ago. (It’s amazing what you find when going through UFO’s.)

Spring in the Jungle

Jungle Fabric

I started with this cute jungle fabric and used the same colors from my stash for the 3, 6, 9 blocks. It’s always nice to finish something.

I’m sticking with my goal to finish two things before I start something new. It’s so hard. I want to make everything. I bought a couple of cool patterns. What was I thinking? Maybe we shouldn’t ask. I don’t want to know.

My next “to finish” is a pincushion. The top is finished. Now if I can just find the bag of crushed walnuts for the bottom of the inside. I know it’s here.

My embroidery skills need practice. I’m taking a class from Sue Spargo this summer. Looking forward to some good advice.

Now to go clean up my last mess. Making one block for my small quilt group shouldn’t be so messy, but it really is. Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe I can go Scarlett O’Hara and think about that tomorrow!


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