Sometimes It Works and Sometimes . . .

Sometimes It Works and Sometimes . . .

I had this great idea.  It looked so cool in my head.  At each end of a runner would be a block with a cabin.  The center would be simply quilted so if one wanted to put a candle or something there, it wouldn’t be hiding a cute part of the runner.  Sadly, the block didn’t look that great in real life.  I tried again, but while it was better, I just didn’t like it.  So I’m now officially letting it go.  Sometimes a project just doesn’t gel.  Maybe my subconscious will figure it out and let me know some time in the future.  Or not.  I’m fine with it either way.

Instead of making myself crazy trying to trying to fight the unwinnable fight above, I’ve decided to enjoy the Christmas quilts of years gone by.  This block was in a quilt I made about three years ago.  The quilt was on the cover of a magazine.  There were four of these blocks and the wreaths were meant to be fused on.  Instead, I decided to appliqué them by hand.  It took longer to finish, of course, but it’s a happy quilt and one of my favorites.



These blocks were easy to make and I got a kick out of the funky trees.



I love how these two blocks work together to make a new design.


Have you started your holiday decorating yet?  Have you started dinner?  From here, the answers are kind of and no.  Many of my neighbors and friends have lights up and decorations hung.  I have Christmas quilts up.  And now I need to go make dinner.

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