Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs

Earlier in the week I said I’d do a Holiday House block.  I did it and I’m not in love.  Think I’ll try it again with different fabrics.  (Fabric shopping – break my heart.) My stash is missing a couple of things, so I’ll fix that and see what happens.  Sometimes the first try doesn’t work out.  Such is life.


This block is mostly fused as will be the improved 2.0.  I’d like it to be finished while I’m young.  I’ve had some agonizing run-ins with fusing, but have a new favorite.  Here’s what I’ve found.

Fusibles – fabulous and frustrating.  When you have lots of little pieces or not much time, it’s a great way to go.  The trick is to find a fusible that does it all.  And I ask a lot of fusibles.

1.  It should actually fuse.  If the fabric piece still ravels or falls off before being quilted, it’s not saving time or looking good.

2.  It should be reasonably easy to handle.  When the glue falls off the backing while you’re cutting it out, it’s all but useless.

3.  If it’s hard to sew through or too stiff, it may work well for some crafts, but doesn’t cut it for quilting.

4.  If for any reason it makes you want to weep openly, throw it away.  The few dollars you’ve “wasted” are not worth as much as your time and sanity.

I’ve been messing around with fusible for years.  I enjoy some hand appliqué, but it’s not ideal for some projects, especially those with a looming deadline or a million tiny pieces.  My current favorite is Steam-a-Seam 2.  Before you hit the “X”, let me assure you that I realize that SS2 has gone through some changes in the last couple of years, some of which did not have satisfactory results.  However, the newest version is a hit at my house.   The most annoying issues have been solved.  The adhesive has paper backing on both sides.  The plain side comes off easily.  The gridded side (that you draw on) stays attached to the adhesive until you take it off.  It’s sticky enough before fusing to stay where you put it, but is easily moved which is good for those of us who never put the piece in the right place the first time.  Once fused, it has a reasonably soft hand and is easy to sew over.

Most of our trees still have leaves, but this guy, in a local parking lot decided to be finished.


Let’s not rush into winter; there’s still a lot of fall left to enjoy.

There are new specials on the pattern page.  See what you can whip up for fall.


This was our first pattern and a sentimental favorite.  Love those fall colors.

As always, Quilt for Fun


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