Spring Fever

Spring Fever

It’s spring here.  I know this because it has hailed for a bit nearly every day for a week.  I ran out to take a picture and got this:


I know; compared to many places, we get wimpy hail – no golf balls or broken windshields or even abused tulips.  Still, some hail and a bit of blue sky every day, says Western Oregon in the Spring.

Now that I’ve finished a bunch of deadline stuff, I’m looking around to see what to do next.  Had maintenance done on the sewing machine when I was out of town a couple of weeks ago and also cleaned up the studio.  Now I can’t decide what to do next.  So I went with a couple of small projects that have been hanging around for a while.  Made a couple of pillows from fabric I bought last summer.  I just loved the funkiness of it.


Then I made a flannel receiving blanket for a baby shower that’s coming up.


 I have a couple of ideas for new quilt patterns and plenty of UFO’s to work on, not to mention a bread-baking class I downloaded.  So I cleaned out two drawers in the bathroom and a cupboard in the laundry room.  Guess it’s just that antsy, spring fever thing.  It’s time to go back to my list, pick something and just get on with it.  Maybe something with green.  The trees are leafing out and I love that bright new color.  Also, tomorrow I want to bake some bread.  In my spare time.  And maybe plant some lettuce.

Keep quilting for fun!


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