A Sunny January Day

A Sunny January Day

The days are getting longer.  It’s nearly 5 pm and I can still see blue sky.  Pretty amazing for January in the Willamette Valley.  Any sun is good sun at this time of year and I especially like it when the house doesn’t smell like wet poodles (which is better than, say, a wet camel, but still not exactly a field of lavender).  I’ve already got a few little crocus peeking out.

DSCN1265 DSCN1264

In addition to finishing a project with my small quilt group  (I’ll post the whole project together in early March) and starting a top for Quilts of Valor, I’ve been reading a downloaded book called “Sketchbook Keeping for Fiber Artists.”  Several quilt and fiber artists have contributed to this and while I don’t see me doing exactly what any one of them did, I’m definitely starting my own quilting sketchbook.  What finally pushed me over the edge is that while cleaning up and somewhat rearranging my studio, I’ve found hunks of fabric and little pictures I’ve cut out and a few notions that I know I bought for a reason, but I no longer know what that reason might be.  Ideas flit into my head and out again, never to be heard from again.  Color combinations and design ideas come ( and sadly go) and since I don’t have one place where I keep them, if I note them down at all, post-it notes and ideas just disappear out into the January fog.  So it’s time to have a place with notes and sketches and pictures and fabric bits and color ideas all in one place.  In addition to capturing  ideas which always come at some inconvenient time, just doing it will generate new ideas.  Can’t hurt, might help.


I have two quilts at the Oregon Garden Stitches in Bloom Quilt Show just outside of Silverton, OR.  The show is open Jan. 23-25.  The current plan is to go see it on Sunday.  It’s a show I haven’t been to before and I’m really looking forward to it.



Harrys Alphabet

Harrys Alphabet


My daphne plant has had a difficult fall and winter, but despite losing most of its leaves, it looks like it’s going to bloom soon.  There is nothing quite like the perfume of a daphne and even though it looks a little pitiful right now, it’s spicy scent just says spring to me.


When Ella and Toby get groomed, they seem to know that they’re looking good.  Even though Ella knows she’s gorgeous all the time, she’s especially proud after a dog spa day.  Cue James Brown singing, “I Feel Good.”


Keep quilting


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