Holiday Time

Holiday Time

I walked in Target this morning, feeling really good about how I was ready to get into the Christmas spirit.  I get a little grinchy when Christmas starts on the 15th of October, but now I’m ready to jump in.  And just beyond the carts was . . .  two racks of bikinis.  Back in my bikini days, I started shopping for them in February because that’s when the best ones were available.  But early December? Really?  Just needed to get that out there.

We put up a new pattern this week – Starshine Runner.  It’s a two-block quilt and is easy to make bigger, if necessary.  It also comes in two block sizes.  It’s great with, but not limited to, the fun Christmas fabrics that are out there now.  Time is getting short before the holidays, and this project can be done in a weekend.  Also, the pattern is on sale and available digitally.

Starshine Runner

Starshine Runner


Here’s one I’m working on right now:


I always said I’d never get into hand appliqué.  My grandmother used to say, “Never say never and always avoid always.”  She was really right about that one.  I used the pattern from “The New Appliqué Sampler” by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins for the quilt in the picture.   It started out to be just for practice and I learned a lot as I went along.  There are a few rough spots but all in all, I just like the bright colors and funkiness of it.  The top’s been finished for a couple of years, and now I’m in the mood to quilt it.  I decided early on to use all batiks for a couple of reasons.  The first is that I like the look of them and the second is that because they’re so tightly woven, there’s less raveling.  For a beginner (and, I suspect, the veteran) it’s more fun when you don’t have to fight the fabric.  I’ve also learned not to do appliqué on a deadline.  Sometimes the fingers just say no.

We’ve started a newsletter that comes out about once a month.  We’ll talk about some different quilting subjects, including some creativity research I’ve done.  We invite you to sign up on the website homepage ( and we’ll even send you a little treat.  We’d also like to hear from other quilters, from beginners to experts as we believe that the more we know, the more interesting quilting becomes.

Barb and I wish you all the fun and blessings the holiday season brings.

Quilt for fun!


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