We’re so glad you stopped by to see us. Mother on a Broomstick offers original patterns and we encourage you to change them up as you make each project yours. Send us a photo of your quilt made with or inspired by our patterns and we’ll post it on our gallery page (or let us know if you just want to share the photo with us and don’t want it posted. We’d still love to see it.) We love seeing how others interpret our designs.

Barb and Candy look forward to your email suggestions and new quilt ideas as we believe quilting is a group project. Sign up to our email list for our newsletter. When you do, we’ll email you a pattern for two of our favorite postcards.  We promise to email only occasionally! Also, check our blog for updates and general observations on the quilting life.

We’ve just added the pattern for “Gone Fishing,” a 3, 6, 9 quilt that might be just the thing for a special person in your life.  Since there are now fabrics featuring nearly every sport or hobby, choosing the right theme is easy and you may find many supporting fabrics in your stash.


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